About Us

If you are looking forward to getting to know us, you are obviously in the right place. Take your time to get acquainted with us.  Cheers!

Our Vision

To penetrate the IT sector in Nigeria (and subsequently, the world) with quality and unique IT services and making the same accessible and affordable to the general public.

Our Mission

Support and promote startups in Nigeria (and subsequently, the world) equipping with IT tools and services to help them reach their audience resulting in their unprecedented growth.

Core Values

Integrity | Diligence Sacrifice | Godliness Focus

Our story

Deetechy was founded in the early part of the year 2021 with the aim and sole purpose of helping small business as well as startups reach their customer base and appeal to them.

This company was founded with the above purpose after it was discovered that big brands and already established businesses thrives and tend to get all the customer base leaving the small brands and startups to fight for little or no customer base. This is due to the fact that many small businesses and startups do not understand the concept of branding and marketing or they do not take it as a big deal at all.


Furthermore, those who does see it as big deal do not have the financial resources to implement or do much.


Deetechy has therefore been saddled with the responsibility to bridge this gap starting with Nigeria.


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